Saturday, 1 January 2005

Louise Hunt increases her world ranking in wheelchair tennis

She was part of the World Cup team squad in Holland in July, and Louise played extremely well and was very happy to beat one of the Dutch male players in a 3rd set tie break.

She also attended the Dutch Open and performed very well. Unfortunately she was drawn against the number one seed in her 1st match, but she had more success in her doubles games.

Louise was in The 16th British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships last week, but was knocked out by the World number four Dutch player, however, she still managed to achieve 4 deuces.

Louise’s mum Linda said: “On the 8th August, we spent the day at the Stoke Mandeville track with Tanni Grey-Thompson, her mentor, which was fantastic as she taught Louise a huge amount, especially on her pushing technique. She also set up Louise’s racing chair differently, which we did not know how to do, and it is now much more comfortable and gives a much better style.

“This was televised and shown on Central News. They also did a live radio interview, so all in all an exciting day.”