Monday, 23 November 2009

Congratulations The Daily Telegraph and BBC radio.

The International Paralympics committee hosted the Paralympic’s award gala on Sunday, November 22, 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The awards gala is held after every Paralympics to honour all the top athletes, officials, international media and contributors from the scientific and academic world who have made significant contributions to the Paralympic games in Beijing 2008.

Great Britain won awards in the Radio and Print media categories. The Daily Telegraph gave the best print/internet coverage of the 2008 Paralympics, and BBC Radio won best radio coverage. The Daily Telegraph is already writing about the upcoming London 2012 Paralympic games. BBC radio Paralympic game coverage can still be found on their website. The awards are given out to media networks that have promoted and supported the Paralympic athletes. Congratulations to The Daily Telegraph and BBC radio.

For more information about the Paralympic award gala please go to:

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Athlete Series

Get Kids Going! is starting a series on some of our athletes. We want to let the public know who is benefitting from all of their gracious donations. Get Kids Going! has provided wheelchairs for some of the top disabled athletes in the world during the course of their career like David Weir and Shelly Woods. We also provide support for up and coming athletic stars who are the next Paralympic hopefuls like Mickey Bushell, Matt Skelhon, and Ali Jawad.

Please stop and take a look on our Hot News! page about the new "hot new" athletes being supported by Get Kids Going! We love supporting all of these athletes and we want to continue to do so. Please contact Get Kids going about running at 0207 481 8110 or email us at

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Virgin London Marathon Committe plans London's Paralympic marathon course

The Virgin London marathon committee has been picked by the Olympic planning committee to design the Olympic and Paralympic marathon route for the London 2012 competition. In a press release put up on the London marathon's website, The Virgin London Marathon officials will no only design a new marathon route that shows off London's landmark, but will provide the staff and equipment for the Olympics and Paralympics for no cost.

The Virgin London Marathon is one of the worlds most popular and influential marathons in the world today with over 35,000 participating runners from all over the world. The Olympic and Paralympic committee picked the organizers from the London Marathon to design the Olympic course, because they feel that “organizers have a vast wealth of expertise which will prove invaluable as we work to deliver the Marathon events in 2012.” The Olympic committee wants to show off London's assets by having a race course that runs by all of London’s famous sites.

To read more about the press release follow this link: