Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Virgin London Marathon Committe plans London's Paralympic marathon course

The Virgin London marathon committee has been picked by the Olympic planning committee to design the Olympic and Paralympic marathon route for the London 2012 competition. In a press release put up on the London marathon's website, The Virgin London Marathon officials will no only design a new marathon route that shows off London's landmark, but will provide the staff and equipment for the Olympics and Paralympics for no cost.

The Virgin London Marathon is one of the worlds most popular and influential marathons in the world today with over 35,000 participating runners from all over the world. The Olympic and Paralympic committee picked the organizers from the London Marathon to design the Olympic course, because they feel that “organizers have a vast wealth of expertise which will prove invaluable as we work to deliver the Marathon events in 2012.” The Olympic committee wants to show off London's assets by having a race course that runs by all of London’s famous sites.

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