Wednesday, 28 October 2009

New York Marathon events!

Get Kids Going! is excited to have so many runners participating this year! We will continue our New York City Marathon traditional Drink Party. The race will be run on Sunday November 1st, so the Get Kids Going! team is throwing a big welcome drinks party on Friday, October 30th at The Travel Inn on West 42nd street. The party is going to be a lot of fun! This will be the opportunity to get to meet and greet all the other Get Kids Going! runners and team members. The Get Kids Going! support team wants to take a big team photo, so runners should bring their Get Kids Going! T-shirts!

There are some great free running events Get Kids Going! recommends earlier in the weekend! Two free group runs are being conducted, one on Friday and one on Saturday morning by Sports Tours International. The first run is called the “Breakfast Run”. Information about the run will be posted in the Hotel Message board. The distance has not been posted yet, but the run will be a great chance to stretch your legs after sitting on the airplane

The second run is The Continental Airlines International Friendship Run which takes place on Saturday morning near the United Nations Building on First Avenue and 47th street. The event will be a leisurely 4k jog from the United Nations Building to Central Park. Running to Central Park will be a beautiful run and a great chance to see more of the famous city. The run is free and everyone can participate. The Friendship run will be a great warm up the next day’s race. Please wear your Get Kids Going! running T-shirts and your Union Jack flag. Show pride for your charity and your country! We hope to see you then!