Monday, 19 September 2005

Amazing photos from our brave Parachute jumpers

Over 30,000 people make their first parachute jump each year, but over ten times that amount think about doing one. But when you see the excitement on the faces of some of our skydivers, hopefully you will be tempted to join them.

Jenny Robbins and Jane Finlay called themselves our “Golden Oldies” and show that you’re never too old to make the plunge:

Jane said: “The jump was fantastic! An amazing experience. I am delighted to have done it for Get Kids Going - a great charity - and our fundraising might get someone to the 2012 Olympics!”

Jane and Jenny have raised an amazing £3,000 from their tandem Parachute jumps which they completed at the Netheravon Parachute centre near Salisbury.

Jenny who works at the Cranmore Prep school in Leatherhead sent round a picture of the skydive after the event to prove she had done it and the money came pouring in.

Meanwhile Derek Barrett, Marco Giudice and Jonathon Silva decided to do solo parachute jumps which involved a two day adventure at the London Parachute Centre in High Wycombe.