Sunday, 4 September 2005

Our wheelchair athletes on Blue Peter

Mickey Bushell, David Weir, Tushar Patel, Shelly Woods and Brian Alldis were five out of seven wheelchair athletes who set off to re-create some of the speeds experienced at the Tunnel 2K race and were filmed by the BBC's Blue Peter.

In an earlier piece Shelly and Mickey displayed their skills by navigating around giant bean bags in the famous Blue Peter studios in West London.

In the actual 2K Tunnel race Mickey came 17th and completed the course in 8 minutes and three seconds. The winner was Jeff Adams, from Canada, coming in at four minutes 40.1 seconds through the tunnel, he beat our very own David Weir into second place.

However, Tushar Patel clocked the course's fastest speed of 41.4mph.

Australian Eliza Stankovic won the women's event with Get Kids Going! Shelly Woods second and our vice president Dame Tanni Grey Thompson came third.

In the mock race at the BBC, Tushar also came in just slightly ahead of David Weir.

If you would like to see a video of the Blue Peter story, click here.